classification of aquatic mammals

A small and isolated group of South American ungulates is included in this order. $( "#sign-up-button input#lightbox-signup" ).click(function() { margin-bottom:23px; 10.95B) (the largest animal in existence); Humpbacked whale, Megaptera novaeangliae; Common Rorqual or Finner whale, Balaenoptera physalus; Sei whale, Balaenoptera borealis; Piked or Lesser Rorqual, Balaenoptera acutorostrata; Right whale, Balaena mystecitus (Fig. Scientific classification is how scientists categorize and name plants and animals. The clouded leopard is found in the forests of Assam in India. color:#222} .ui-icon-notice{background-position:-32px -144px}  Some of them have wonderfully adapted for a secondary Incisors and at times the canines are absent in the upper jaw. Introduction .ui-icon{display:block; margin-right:-.3em}input.ui-button::-moz-focus-inner,button.ui-button::-moz-focus-inner{border:0; 2. 17. height:9px; .ui-icon-copy{background-position:-176px -128px} Manatee has three species and are found on the tropical Atlantic coasts and in the rivers of America and Africa. 10.115). 10.96 shows the carnassial teeth in different carnivores. right:.3em; .ui-helper-zfix{width:100%; 23. Urinary and genital apertures are not separate. font-weight:bold; How does taxonomy relate to marine mammals. api_key:'tmmc',

They are large herbivo­rous animals but they do not go to the open sea. Sperm whales produce in their intestine a dark waxy substance related to cholesterol called. .ui-icon-grip-solid-horizontal{background-position:-48px -224px} 2. In California, this family includes the California sea lions, Steller sea lions, northern fur seals, and Guadalupe fur seals. A brief list of Indian mammals with their distribution is given here. height: 178px;

.ui-dialog .ui-dialog-titlebar-close{position:absolute; The premolars tend to be molarified. It has a short tail and long erect tufts of hair at the tip of ears. Wolf, Canis lupus (dry open plains of peninsular India and in the upper Himalayas); Jackal, Canis aureus; the Indian fox, Vulpes bengalensis (throughout the country); the red fox, Vulpes vulpes (Northwestern arid region and from Kashmir to Sikkim; Indian wild dog, Cuon alpinus (forests of India). }); .ui-icon-triangle-2-n-s{background-position:-128px -16px} Examples- Sus (Pig), Capra (Goat), Bos indicus (Cow), Bubalus bubalis (Buffalo), Ovis (Sheep), Camelus (Camel), Cervus (Deer), Giraffa (Giraffe) etc. The colour of the body is bright yellow with brownish spots at intervals. .ui-icon-arrowthick-2-ne-sw{background-position:-144px -48px} The cheek teeth are lophodont in nature. It is also found in Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan. background:#fef1ec url( 50% 50% repeat-x; The front part of the mouth is thick with baleen plates, which are around 300 in number, each around one metre long and hang from the upper jaw.

These are (i) Panthera pardus fusca (Meyer), (ii) Panthera pards millardi Pocock and (ii) Panthera pardus sindica Pocock. Dugong or sea cow is found in the Red Sea and the shores of the Indian Ocean from East Africa to Australia, and Taiwan in the Pacific.

color:#2e6e9e} Dentition is We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. They are mainly herbivores, spending most of their time grazing in shallow waters and at depths of 1-2 m. 24. The tympanic bulla is divided by a complete septum into anterior and posterior chambers. Examples- Ornithorhynchus, Tachyglossus, Echidna. In the later phase there was an increase in size. Indian wild boar, Sus scrofa (Fig. The neck and facial parts are elongated. The Indus dolphin is now considered as a separate species, Platanista minor (= indi) due to its small size and separate habitat. 9. There are many species of mammals in which the pro­cess of life are carried on under conditions far remote from those in which life first arose. Each tooth is perforated by numerous fine tubules and hence the name tubulidentata. .ui-icon-carat-1-nw{background-position:-112px 0} Carpus is composed of seven bones in Manatee. They are also found in Nepal and Sikkim. Immature youngs are born and are reared in a special pouch known as marsupium. .ui-icon-triangle-2-e-w{background-position:-144px -16px} width:100%; 2. Modern opinion regards them as independent order of mammals.

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The limbs are massive and each ends in three digits. Distribution is America, excepting Panda which is oriental. This information can also be discovered by looking at marine mammal taxonomic classifications. Members belonging to this suborder have a heavy built body. Both metacarpals and metatarsals are free. background:#fbec88 url( 50% 50% repeat-x; Ureters open into a muscular urinary bladder. They are more mobile on land than true seals and are often seen in zoos and aquariums. .ui-icon-arrowthickstop-1-w{background-position:-240px -48px} width:9px; They have no external ears, but can rotate their hind flippers and walk on land.

.ui-icon-volume-on{background-position:-144px -160px} The cavity of the bulla is separated into an anterior and a posterior part of the bulla which is often associated with a paroccipital process. With their exceptionally thick, dark fur, longer tail, lack of true flippers, and their ability to use a rock as a feeding tool, sea otters are easily distinguished from other marine mammals. Among the diffe­rent species of Megachiroptera, Flying fox, Pteropus giganteus; Fulvous fruit bat; Rousettus leschenaulti, short nosed fruit bat Cynopterus sphinx are common throughout India. The tympanic bulla is large and rounded. to Assam. The skull is with peculiar features. The caecum has a pair of caecal pouches. Limbs bear four digits, of which the 3rd and 4th reach the ground. The 2nd and 4th metacarpals are vestigial. Number of cervical vertebrae in manatee (Manatus) is only 6 and the neural arches are sometimes incomplete. The number of digits in each limb is four.

It is the largest (120 cm long) among lesser cats. 5. The skin is very thick and folded, called Pachyderm. Suborder (iii) Mysticeti. Sutures of the skull are obliterated.

.ui-icon-stop{background-position:-96px -160px} Bengalensis Kerr, horsfieldi (Gray), trevelyani (Pocock). margin-top:.5em; The Committee on Taxonomy, chaired by Patricia Rosel, produced the first official Society for Marine Mammalogy list of marine mammal species and subspecies in 2010.Consensus on some issues has not been possible; this is reflected in the footnotes. 1.Completely aquatic mammals Snout is splitted in some forms. The giant squirrel (Ratufa indica (deciduous evergreen forests of peninsular India, south of the Ganges), common giant flying squirrel (Petaurista petaurista) (larger forests of peninsula, south of the Ganges), the Malayan giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor) (Assam, Sikkim and Bhutan); the five striped palm squirrel (Funambulus pennanti) (Indian peninsula), the three striped palm squirrel (F. palmarum) (Indian peninsula) are included under the order Rodentia. Otariidae — Sea-lions, Eumetopius; Cow sea 10.104C). The Common Langur, Presbytes entellus (Throughout India except western deserts), the capped Langur, P. pileatus (Assam), the Golden Langur, P. gee/ (Assam, between the rivers Sankosh in the west and Manas in the east), the Nilgiri Langur, P johni (Southern India), Phyre’s Leaf Monkey, P. phayrei (Tripura), and the Rhesus Macaque, Macaca mulatta (Assam, Northern and Central India as far south to the Godavari river), the Bonnet Macaque, M. radiata (Peninsular India as for north as Bombay on the west and the Godavari river on the east), the Assamese Macaque, M. assamensis (From Mussoorie to the hill ranges of Assam and Sundarbans), the Stumptailed Macaque, M. speciosa (Assam), the Pigtailed Macaque, M. nemestrina (Naga Hills), the Lion-tailed Macaque, M. silenus (Western Ghats), Crab eating Macaque, M. fascicularis (Nicobar Islands) are included under cercopithecidae. Elephant trunks are so sensitive that they can pick up needles. background:#aaa url( 50% 50% repeat-x;

Elephas maximus (Indian elephant) (Fig.

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