clinical chemistry board exam questions

What are substances that can interfere with the GOD-POD glucose method? transcripts or attendance certificates) to support their accredited-provider CE for a minimum of 4 years past attendance in order to comply with the audit if selected.
by SarahBurnett, | AP Chemistry, The closeness with which a measurement comes to the true value, The degree of reproducibility in the measurement of a substance, Sum of all of a set divided by the number in the set (average), The point on the scale that has equal number of observations a…, hormone secreted by pancreas after meals when glucose levels a…, 1. Evaluation of candidates’ applications generally takes up to 4 weeks. have their skills and knowledge verified by a third party. Clear, documented proof of CE requirements must be submitted together with the application for renewal of certification. The Clinical Chemistry Licensure Examination is an exam that assesses your readiness to practice. minutes before your appointment time. Oxidating agents produce a falsely _____ glucose result in the glucose oxidase-peroxidase method, Reducing agents produce a falsely _____ glucose result in the glucose oxidase-peroxidase method. Refer to Education Requirements section for more details, Detailed personal statement – see “Personal Statement” form, Three reference forms with letters (minimum 500 words each), Traditional CE from an accredited provider: obtain a minimum of 10 CE by being involved in educational activities provided by various recognized professional organizations, such as (. APHL A Practical Guide to Board Examination and Lab Leadership Resources | 3 Background Public health laboratories (PHLs) across the nation have evolved dramatically over the past couple of decades with respect to the laboratory services and response activities required to protect the health of the American people. How is the final product of the GOD-POD measured? The requisite background for certification in clinical chemistry and/or toxicological chemistry includes at least five years’ experience in the applicant’s discipline of clinical chemistry or toxicological chemistry subsequent to obtaining the doctorate, in a setting acceptable to the Board. What is the constant error as obtained from a linear regression model?

), supernatant obtain if blood sample is allowed to clot and then centrifuged, clear yellow supernatant obtained by centrifuging a blood sample that has been treated with an anticoagulant. endobj Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association. Which hormones have the opposite effect of insulin on blood glucose levels? Do yourself a favor and study. Which method of glucose measurement is the reference method? Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. How can a pO2 electrode be used as an alternative to the peroxidase reaction in the glucose oxidase method?
Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holds. understanding of serological tests for Syphilis, analytical procedures, and provided by the test administrator, and calculators are not allowed. EDTA-K3 is not an acceptable specimen for most chemistry tests.

Liquids are pumped through system of continuou…, The concentration of a substance is directly proportional to t…, Electrolytes and Solubility. Clinical chemists certified by the NRCC board are required to maintain high professional standards and keep up with new developments in the field. A percentage of certified clinical chemists will be randomly audited during the process of recertification to determine compliance with the CE requirements. Transcripts must be sent by institutions directly to NRCC. What dilution factor should the diluted result be multiplied by? iron, cortisol and other hormones, glucose, etc. At what wavelength is the absorbance measured in the hexokinase method? Which sample is usually preferred in the industry - plasma or serum? safety, instruments, methods, laboratory mathematics, specimen collection, They will have an automatic audit the next year and they will not be eligible for NRCC certification renewal for 2 years terms, but only for 1 year and for that year he/she will be put on CE probation. anticoagulant used, sample integrity, instrument functioning, method accuracy and reliability, following SOP correctly, turbid sample due to increased triglyceride, dilutes plasma or serum analytes, can only be used for lipid analysis until lipids removed by ultracentrifugation, can be confused with turbidity due to protein, yellow sample due to increased bilirubin, affects colorimetric assays, red sample due to hemoglobin, falsely increases potassium, phosphorus and decreases glucose, also affects colorimetric assays. Light beam is split in two and a different wavelength is selected for each beam. Can you answer the following medical test questions? (spectral bandwidth between 5 and 15 nm), Types of variable wavelength monochromators, Prisms are now commonly used in spectrophotometry (T/F). <> It is a two & half-hour MCQ examination. A list of acceptable evaluation agencies will be provided by the Board. This content area assesses your knowledge bar code labeling, delta checks, criteria for sample acceptance/rejection. First rxn of hexokinase method of glucose measurement, Second rxn of hexokinase method of glucose measurement, G-6-PD (glucose-6-phosphase dehydrogenase), A carbohydrate containing an aldehyde (carbonyl bound to a carbon and a hydrogen) group at the end of the carbon chain. These questions have four options from which the candidate will choose one answer. What type of analyte is required for delta check analysis? General biochemistry, such as enzyme kinetics, solution preparations, electrophoresis. Chemistry analytes such as glucose and cholesterol are an example of which of the following? Candidates with a PhD degree in a chemical, physical or biological science and candidates with a doctoral degree in clinical laboratory sciences are eligible to apply for Clinical Chemist Certification by the NRCC.

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