coles online can't checkout

Personally, I'm already weaning myself off supermarkets where possible – there are plenty of growers' markets with fresher produce and plenty of small businesses that welcome our support. Simple rule – if you can’t carry all the items – you’ve got too many for self service.

Twits!!! Press J to jump to the feed. And that fucker is like thirty tiny digits long. Welcome to the new Coles Online. We would love you to try it out and let us know what you think.. You can go back to the classic site by using the Insert+F7 links list if using JAWS and select Go to our classic site. If your checkout is a little grayed out, it usually means you … Yeah this is my experience too, but I never actually contacted the store, just shop at woolies instead of coles near my house. Coles can't have it both ways. There is nothing more frustrating than being held up at self-serve by people faffing around trying to scan a trolley full of groceries. I remember when the self serve checkouts got introduced, Woolies had this "please put your item in the bagging area thing" and Coles didn't. So Coles can either staff more of the checkouts, redesign the self-serve area so it handles trolleys, or loose customers. Don’t need to stack everything precariously onto it. We’ve improved a few things, and this guide explains what’s different. Anonymous, I’ll continue to take my (small) trolley through the self-serve if there is a queue at the registers. pop up box displayed multi buy promotion.

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On special. Most mums with kids in tow place their kids in the trolleys along with the food. I also never use bags, but bring my own backpack. Find a store nearby based on your location.

Anonymous, 'No staff, no trolleys?' You want to bag your groceries quickly however you cant because it always shows errors and says “place item in the bagging area” even though its already there. I know its to prevent people from stealing items, however coles bagging is just a pain in the ass. The move by the supermarket giant has angered many, who argue that Coles no longer provides enough staffed checkouts, forcing them to use the self-service centre with a full trolley. I don't think I've ever managed to complete a transaction without having to call a supervisor over to deal with it, so I've been exclusively shopping at their competitor for years now since they disabled the scales. Sometimes I have 12 items or less on a trolley because the items are too bulky to put into a Coles shopping basket and at the same time the queues at the other checkouts are just too long, hence I go to the self-service sometimes with a trolley. Icon on top showing credit card. Hand then motions down to select delivery day and time.
Boadicea, I don't think the trolley ban in the self-service checkouts is a good idea. Pricing and Payments | Coles Online. you can choose to have them delivered to your home. Julie's hand on Coles Online interface, pointing toward ‘Home’.

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