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That service runs all night, and also costs 35 CNY.[2]. Ce site utilise des cookies pour améliorer votre expérience, renforcer la sécurité du site et vous proposer des publicités personnalisées. more.

Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Nous vous recommandons de réserver les circuits pour Gulangyu Island en avance. Book a ferry ticket in advance and get to choose a timeslot that fits your itinerary from this ferry service's extensive departure schedule. During the day (every 20 minutes, from 7:10 AM to 5:30 PM in Winter and Spring / from 7:10 AM to 6:30 PM in Summer and Autumn), tourists and non-locals take a 20-minute ferry ride from the Dongdu International Cruise Terminal to either San Qiu Tian Terminal or Nei Cuo Ao Terminal in Kulangsu Town.

Location. [3] Eventually 13 countries, including Great Britain, France, The Netherlands and Japan, were to enjoy extraterritorial privileges there and take part in the Kulangsu Municipal Council that administered the settlement. As with the Shanghai International Settlement, the British played a predominant role in the administration and Sikh policemen from British India were charged with the policing of the Settlement under the Kulangsu Municipal Police. Freight is pulled on wheeled wooden carts up the often steep lanes by strong teams of men.
And the crush over the last few years, with the huge increase in Chinese domestic tourism throughout the country, means that the stream of ferry … Known as one of China's Natural Scenic Spots, Gulangyu Island is filled with world-renowned beaches and natural attractions. 20 min de ferry à partir de Xiamen (35rmb, billet valable pour le. Bar.

Gulangyu Island, located southwest of Xiamen, is a World Heritage site and renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics, and varied architectures. Un ferry relie Gulangyu à l'île de Xiamen (pendant la journée toutes les dix minutes environ, toutes les heures la nuit).

The Gulangyu, Gulang Island or Kulangsu is a pedestrian-only island off the coast of Xiamen, Fujian Province in southeastern China. Dur­ing evening and late-night hours (gen­er­al­ly 5:50pm—6:30am), tourist fer­ries leave from Xi­a­men’s Lun Du Ter­mi­nal 2 (Xia Men Lun Du Ma Tou 厦门轮渡码头2号厅), lo­cat­ed in cen­tral Xi­a­men near Zhong Shan Road and the Lu­jiang Har­borview Ho­tel. Pro­tect­ing World Cul­tur­al Her­itage Means Pro­tect­ing Our Roots and Souls, In Words of Hu Chang­sheng. Palais impériaux des dynasties Ming et Qing à, Ensemble de bâtiments anciens des montagnes de Wudang, Temple et cimetière de Confucius et résidence de la famille Kong à Qufu, Temple du Ciel, autel sacrificiel impérial à Pékin, Tombes impériales des dynasties Ming et Qing, Capitales et tombes de l'ancien royaume de Koguryo, Monuments historiques de Dengfeng au « centre du ciel et de la terre », Routes de la soie : le réseau de routes du corridor de Chang'an-Tian-shan, Paysage culturel de l’art rupestre de Zuojiang Huashan, Kulangsu, un établissement historique international, Ruines archéologiques de la cité de Liangzhu, Région d'intérêt panoramique et historique de Huanglong, Région d'intérêt panoramique et historique de la vallée de Jiuzhaigou, Région d'intérêt panoramique et historique de Wulingyuan, Sanctuaires d'oiseaux migrateurs le long du littoral de la mer Jaune et du golfe de Bohai de Chine (Phase I),, Page avec coordonnées similaires sur Wikidata, Article géolocalisé en République populaire de Chine, Article avec une section vide ou incomplète, Article de Wikipédia avec notice d'autorité, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, Portail:République populaire de Chine/Articles liés, Portail:Protection du patrimoine/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. All rights reserved.

C'est agréable de profiter du calme quand les hordes de touristes sont partis. 03:00 ... And despite just an eight-minute ferry ride from the highly-developed city center of Xiamen, nearly everything needs to be brought in by boat. plus.

We found the ferry information we found here before our trip extremely helpful, so here's the latest for foreigners traveling to Gulangyu.

On July 8, 2017, Gulangyu was listed as a World Heritage Site.

Vous pourrez observer des photographes se battant pour le meilleur spot, ou se rouler dans la boue pour l'angle parfait. Nice small island with old architectural buildimg, Ask yakovenkonick94 about Gulangyu Island, International Youth Hostel Hotels in Xiamen, Hotels near Zhongshan Road Walking Street, Gulangyu Vagetable Market Longtou Nongmao Market, Conference & Convention Centers in Xiamen, Xiamen Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort Communities, Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (XICEC). This island is extremely popular with Chinese tourists causing it to be a high impact tourism destination. You can also take a ferry to the back (west) side of the island with the beaches and resorts. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. I went to some of the gardens and the piano museum. [16], In May 2007, Xiamen Gulangyu Island was officially proved as the National 5A Tourist Attractions by the National Tourism Administration of China.[6]. Gulangyu Island is renowned for its beaches, winding lanes and rich architecture. Omar Khan [] Share .

It felt like a big garden with trees everywhere.

Members can access discounts and special features.

A ticket costs 35 CNY.

More in­for­ma­tion on day­time fer­ries is avail­able here. There is a labyrinths of streets that has many different local food - both snacks and restaurants. Best nearby. 11 Other Attractions within 0.3 miles. Book a ferry ticket in advance and get to choose a timeslot that fits your itinerary from this ferry service's extensive departure schedule. The trip takes be­tween 7 min­utes and 20 min­utes, de­pend­ing on the ser­vice. Visitors can reach Kulangsu Island (Gulangyu) by ferry from mainland Xiamen every day, 24 hours per day, by one of four different regularly scheduled ferry services. These are gen­er­al­ly less crowd­ed and do not re­quire wait­ing in long queues. L'accès au pont supérieur est au prix d'un RMB. Prévoir une demi journée au moins et éviter le nouvel an chinois car c est la cohue. Sites et monuments, Zones piétonnes historiques.

This is called Xiagu Matou 'Xiamen Drum Pier' (厦鼓码头), or Dongdu Matou 'East Ferry Pier' (东渡码头,). Around 15 minutes ferry ride which was very convenient. Cela ajoute au romantisme des. retour). Très jolie îles avec ses maisons coloniales et ses petites ruelles. There are hardly any cars on the island.

Please check you have entered your email address correctly before continuing. Historically, Shu'an Zhou, Junji Lin, and Zuohuang Chen are other well-known classical musicians from the island. The Ku­lang­su Video Doc­u­men­tary — It’s Here! 20 min de ferry à partir de Xiamen (35rmb, billet valable pour le The spread of Christianity in 1900s brought western music to the island. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 30 septembre 2020 à 04:23. Très petite (1-2 km²), totalement piétonne, elle est agréable a visiter. When we returned, we thought we would be going back to Dongdu Matou. Voici les meilleures façons de faire l'expérience de Gulangyu Island selon les voyageurs Tripadvisor : Quels sont les hôtels près de Gulangyu Island ? paysages, et amène une touche d'un je ne sais quoi on ne peut plus typiquement chinois. L'île a été occupée par les anglais, puis par de nombreux diplomates qui y ont construit de belles villas dans les années 1850-1930. And collect it at time of visit. The Piano Museum is no great shakes, just a bunch of old pianos, but they're interesting enough. once every 20 minutes, 7:10am to 5:40pm (until 6:40pm June to September).

Quels sont les restaurants près de Gulangyu Island ?

Gulangyu is an island just a short ferry ride across from Xiamen. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Enjoy all the sights and foods of Gulangyu.

Copied .

Soon after Xiamen became a treaty port resulting from China's loss in the First Opium War and the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, foreign residents on the island established an informal organization that became formally organized several decades later when its Land Regulations were approved by the government of China in May 1902.

Don't forget to keep your ticket for the return.5. Nice scenic view of Xiamen in night from this island. Voici les horaires d'ouverture de Gulangyu Island : Doit-on réserver en avance pour visiter Gulangyu Island ? Kulangsu is a small tropical island where where cars and bicycles are not allowed, where majestic Banyan trees and coconut palms shade the gardens of 19th-century European mansions in the Amoy Deco architectural style. Since then, the island's local cultural environment mingled with introduced foreign music and art, which is why the Gulangyu cultural scene differs from other parts of China.[14].

Was told by locals becareful when you go for your meals, menu indicate certain prices but once you order you might end up paying a bomb.

Local residents are allowed to use a shorter 5-minute ferry to/from the Lun Du Ferry Terminal. Churches and museums were built, and people enjoyed going to music halls to hear performances. We book ours via a yellow APP called ‘ma feng wo’. It took 5 minutes. Depending on when, you might need to wait for 3-4 ferries, but they go every 20 minutes. To finish creating your account, please click the link we just sent to. Visitors can reach Gulangyu by ferry from the ferry terminal in Xiamen.

After the establishment of the PRC, Gulangyu was a district of Xiamen, one of four in the municipality not located on Xiamen Island until 2003. Non-Chinese visitors must travel from the Dongdu International Cruise Terminal. 游客可以乘坐渡船从厦门岛到达鼓浪屿。轮渡码头每天24小时都有四班不同行程安排的渡船服务。取决于每班轮渡的服务情况,每趟渡船需要7–20分钟行程时间。, 在白天轮渡开始工作时(7:10am — 6:30am),乘载旅客的渡船从厦鼓码头驶向鼓浪屿的两个不同地点。从东渡厦鼓码头出发,通常都比较拥挤,时常会需要排很长的队才能搭上船。在高峰期有时船票甚至会卖光。, 在晚上和凌晨时间段(5:50pm — 6:30am),游客可以从厦门轮渡码头2号厅出航,厦门轮渡码头2号厅位于中山路和厦门鹭江宾馆附近。在这里乘坐渡船时就没有那么拥挤,也不需要花太长的时间排队了。, Official visitor's guide to Kulangsu (Gulangyu), A public service of the Xiamen Kulangsu (Gulangyu) Scenic Area Administrative Committee. L'aller est libre. le retour est payant : huit RMB, en mai 2011. This is a getaway island for visitors to Xiamen.

Exit from Gate 7 in Terminal 3 and buy the ticket from the counter. The trip takes between 7 minutes and 20 minutes, depending on the service.

The island itself is a good change from the main island. Journey to/ from the island from Xiamen island is about 20min and quite uneventful. Siming District, Xiamen 361002 China. I had been visited here with my colleague. Quelles sont les attractions près de Gulangyu Island ? The place is surrounded with eateries. If you're staying overnight and your hotel is closer to there, take that ferry instead.

MaLa Sang GuoZhi (20) 5 min. The locals and foreigners includeding those mainlanders from other state use a different terminal.Be prepared to be pushed to board and also when disembark from the ferry. Beaucoup d'endroits. Website.

Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Walking Areas. It's RMB10 pp (a taxi to there is RMB 50).

More in­for­ma­tion on day­time fer­ries is avail­able here. Gulangyu island was designated an international foreign settlement in 1903 and became a secure haven for Europeans, Japanese and wealthy overseas Chinese who built lavish mansions, consulates and churches there.

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