positive comments for students performance

If their child is performing below grade level, those report card comments need to include effective solutions. For any factor, performance comments should support the rating given. For example, if you tell the parent that her child’s reading level didn’t improve as much as predicted for 3rd quarter, give specific suggestions of what they can do at home to help the child improve his or her reading level. Start your report card comments on a positive note, be specific, clear, and give next steps that evoke a feeling of encouragement. Ideally, this should be done waaayyyy before you even begin to write the report card comment. He or she says, “Yes, I spoke to them about such and such issue, too.”. _____ is very slow to comprehend instructions and requires multiple repetitions of detailed directions. _____ seldomly uses anchor charts to assist with learning. A clear conclusion is frequently missing from _____ writing pieces. Your child exhibits exceptional focus and diligence in their work. My hope is that these report card comments for weak and struggling students (or those performing below grade level) will make your writing session a bit more tolerable and less time-consuming.

Your report card comments for struggling students should begin on a positive note.

Those are a bit more challenging and mind-consuming. _____ is experiencing difficulty memorizing basic math facts. Unnecessarily sacrificing accuracy for speed causes _____to have lots of careless errors. These action tasks will get students on the path to success! _____ fluency is smooth but lacks expression. The student: cooperates consistently with the teacher and other students; transitions easily between classroom activities without distraction; is courteous and shows good manners in the classroom; follows classroom rules; conducts himself (or herself) with maturity; responds appropriately when corrected; remains focused on the activity at hand _____ reading fluency is appropriate for grade level standards but accuracy is low. 5. shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved.

_____ has significant trouble responding logically to higher-order thinking comprehension questions (see, Even with accommodations and/or modifications, _____ experiences difficulty with (.

How do you say what you need to say without seeming insensitive or negative? For the next quarter, let’s try these accommodations and/or modifications for ______ : (, I’ll continue one-on-one or small group instruction support with ______ at least twice per week in (. Your report card comments for struggling students should begin on a positive note. Sending home progress reports as needed, or, 2. For more great comments, check out our comprehensive collection of report card comments, created especially with the elementary teacher in mind. Nor do you want to come across as if you’re belittling the efforts, progress, and talents of the student.

Though _____ is making gradual steps to improve (.

_____ requires regular assistance from teacher in order to decode multi-syllabic words. In some schools, school leaders have the “pleasure” of reviewing report card comments before distribution, and they give an even more careful eye to those comments discussing students who are struggling in class. We continuously procrastinate because writing those darn comments is one of the least exciting parts of the job. I don’t mention in my comments that teacher so and so told me such and such about Little Billy. And how do you communicate the facts and your observations clearly? So those are my tips for writing report card comments for struggling and weak students. _____ lacks confidence in himself and his abilities. _____ fails to complete assignments even when given extended time. _____ participates fully during discussions but often talks excessively. Mention one or two positive attributes, and then flow into your core report card comment. _____ is unfocused in maintaining grade-level writing expectations. You’ve got to cover your bases, and to be fair, if you’re going to document it, then yes, you should be able to back it up with evidence. Not all kids are naturally wired for traditional paper and pencil tasks. _____ has to be told continuously to be respectful towards others and things. _____ is struggling to maintain grade-level math expectations. 9… After-school tutoring x number of times per week might be beneficial for ______ . Speech development hinders _____ fluency, accuracy, and expression. Or worse, no mention of what that respective teacher just explained to you! 7. strives to reach their full potential. Asking for graded papers to be reviewed and signed by guardians weekly, or. _____ rarely makes an attempt to ask for help when he or she does not understand a concept. Start on a Positive Note. Before I sit down and write my report card comments for a struggling student, if possible (and applicable), I speak to other teachers who currently teach or who have previously taught the child. _____ is overly aggressive with peers who he feels has wronged him.

Performance evaluation comments help the person writing a performance review to put forward an honest opinion about the person being reviewed. This resource saves you time, mental energy, and overwhelm. And most importantly, they should have clear, actionable steps to take in order to move their child to the next level. ______ is rarely able to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction texts. At the end of the day, it’s about the child, not the parent. “No teacher has ever mentioned that to me.” is a response I’ve heard from parents more times than I’d like to remember. Don’t just mention that the child needs to focus on this or that.

But one of the coolest benefits about it is that it’s the time when learning gaps among kids are smallest. _____ has trouble recognizing blends, digraphs, and grade-appropriate word patterns. _____ has a difficult time working independently. So do yourself (and the child) a big favor: don’t wait until close to due time to get those report card comments done. On a regular basis, _____ handwriting is illegible. _____ makes careless mistakes due to not revising work carefully. This means…. _____ has a hard time using a variety of sentence structures in his/her writing. Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation where a parent tells you that you’re the first teacher to mention their child’s issue with such and such? Corresponding via email throughout the school year about the child’s progress, or, 3. _____ demonstrates difficulty revising writing pieces even using a checklist. You could even tackle the “easy” students first (those meeting or exceeding grade level expectations), and then devote the last week or two to the report card comments for struggling students. Soften the blow by ALWAYS starting on a positive note. Writing report card comments for struggling students is sometimes difficult.

It is important that while using performance review comments you do not use unnecessary quotes and comments that do not serve a purpose at all. Excessive absences and tardies are having a less-than-positive effect on _____ work performance. First, a few tips to keep in mind when writing report card comments for weak and struggling students…. There’s little room for punctuation and spelling errors. Your email address will not be published.

This means that grade level books are difficult for ______ , and he/she reads them with less than 90% word accuracy. As an educator, honestly answering these questions can be hard. _____ shows difficulty skimming/scanning text to locate a key piece of information. _____ demonstrates difficulty applying new writing skills. _____ limited prior knowledge and experiences with different text genres hinders reading comprehension of more challenging texts. In saying all of this, there is a way to communicate everything because it’s not what you say but how you say it.

According to Fountas and Pinnell, _______ reads at a “Frustrational Level”. _____ struggles with higher-order thinking word problems. Even with accommodations and/or modifications, _____struggles with (.
Follow their suggestions, and see how they work for you. This does nothing but make light of the situation. 2. exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. _____ struggles with keeping hands to herself. 4. shows enthusiasm for classroom activities. Maybe the targeted student excels in art, kinesthetic activities, music, working well with others, technology, etc. According to Fountas and Pinnell, _______ reads at an “Instructional Level”. _____ constantly asks questions that have been answered repeatedly and in detail. _____ is unclear how to apply steps of the scientific method to complete an experiment. This means that grade level books are challenging but manageable for _______. _____ writing frequently lacks a clear idea or main message. After reading the report card comments, parents should fully understand their child’s current academic and behavioral situation. In doing this, you show that both parties work as a team to help the child. They believe that it means more work for them. First focus on something that the child has done very well during the school year. Tweak to make them your own or use verbatim. _____ doesn’t work to his/her full potential. _____ would greatly benefit from using a thesaurus to assist in using stronger verbs and adjectives within her writing. 4. Elementary school is a special place for many reasons. _____ shows difficulty in applying math skills in project-based learning activities. They’ll hopefully feel confident in moving forward with the agreed steps. Ask them what they did, and take note of their tips and strategies. _____ hardly uses standard grammar and punctuation within context. Notations of weaknesses in a report card comment, especially for struggling students, shouldn’t be the first time parents are hearing about the issue from you. Use comments like: Your student comes to school each day prepared to work hard. Best Read Aloud Books About Tattling: Get Rid of Meaningless Snitching, Mentor Texts for Writing: Huge List for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Teachers, Mega List of Mentor Texts for Reading (Elementary Edition), The Ultimate List of First Day of School Books for 4th Grade, The Huge List of First Day of School Books for 2nd Grade. Your student is excellent at taking ownership of their learning. I consider myself a decent writer, but being human, I make writing errors here and there. On the other hand, you have to be honest. And let’s say those comments are due in about three weeks. It’s essential to focus on those key, positive areas first. The further up kids go in grade level, the bigger the learning gaps become. _____ has a difficult time applying comprehension skills and strategies within context. Using whichever ongoing two-way communication system works for you. Wouldn’t you want the same done if it were your child? _____ is frequently unprepared for lessons. 1) Is the current grade level work much harder and/or the student less motivated? If you follow these essential tips, you should be pretty good-to-go.

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