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Founded in 2007, Egg Donation South Africa (EDSA) was the first truly South African egg donor agency.

It is currently run by a group of like-minded medical and science professionals, each of whom is highly experienced in the field of IVF. Our professionals have adopted a pragmatic approach to providing an expert service, but believe strongly in balancing the technical side of the work with a sense of humanity and the desire to serve.

Our team strives to offer an exceptional level of service and to give the best possible care to each recipient and donor.


"To all the wonderful ladies on your team, a heartfelt thank you from A, L and little CC! I cannot believe I’m finally a mommy! It took a while before God put us on your path and we cannot be anymore grateful. We had success on our first go and it was a wonderfully satisfying experience all the way through. Thank you and keep doing what you doing! It’s a winning formula!"

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A, L and Little CC

Thank you Egg Donation and to your wonderful egg donors. It was easy to choose a donor. With your patience and understanding, I made the right decision. Our little twin girls are just precious. As you know it was quite a decision for us to come all the way from Australia as we did not know what to expect.

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Anonymous 1

"When we first embarked on this process, my husband and I were extremely nervous to say the least. We had searched the web for months before we had decided on trusting EDSA to help us on our journey. It was the best decision we made and it only got better. The ladies at EDSA put us at ease immediately; they were just wonderful!"

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Anonymous 2

"We had tried another agency before a distant friend had recommended EDSA, as she herself had been successful with their service, so we contacted EDSA and we could not have been happier. Her pleasant and caring approach is just what we needed after our last experience. The fact that I am now pregnant is just the cherry on the top!"

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Anonymous 3

"Everything went smoothly at the clinic during our stay. Dr. Wiswedel was more than we could ever have hoped for…his professionalism, “coolness”, kindness and obvious expertise was very reassuring. He was always available to spend time answering our queries and we felt very confident in his hands. He is truly an amazing man!!"

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Anonymous 4

“Thank you EDSA and especially Kinny for the nice experience through the whole procedure from choosing the right donor to the egg donation at the end. I felt EDSA and HART Clinic with Doctor Wiswedel, Kimenthra Raja, and Jenny Loverock worked perfectly together to make everything go smoothly. Finally we got two excellent Blastocysts implanted. During our stay we had our wedding anniversary and I feel today to get pregnant with twins is the best present for our anniversary. We are over the moon and feel blessed to had the chance to get pregnant thanks EDSA and HART-Clinic. Many thanks to all of you. Who made possible this miracle and taking care of us!”

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Anonymous 5



Kimenthra Raja

Owner & Founder
Qualified Embryologist and IVF Laboratory Specialist

Kinny Ramoeng

Egg Donation Coordinator

Angela Williamson

Digital Media & PR Coordinator

Susan Llewellyn

Recipient Coordinator

Karin Barkema

Clinical Psychologist

Amanda Badenhorst

Recruitment Specialist

Jeanne Freed

Clinical Social Worker

Joy Joubert


Sandra Fisher



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We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.

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We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.

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